Have a Wonderful Summer! And Want to Plan a BoomWriter Party

Dearest 7th graders,

It has been a joy and an honor to teach you this year! What fun our last week of celebrating was. I do hope you enjoy your memories, your learning, and your prizes.

Now, here is a very cool opportunity that you will be able to put on your resume and college application: BoomWriter is looking for students to help them plan a big party in August! If you are interested in being a part of this party planning, email me as soon as possible. 

Be in touch and have a wonderful summer!


The Schedule for Wed. and Thur.

What a fun day today was! Congratulations to all the Symposium “Oscar” winners  (I hope you are enjoying your super-random prizes), and congratulations for your awesome dance moves at the courtyard dance party! 🙂

The schedule for Wednesday will be a normal Wednesday schedule, but will dismiss at 10:46am. The schedule for Thursday will be a normal Thursday schedule, but will dismiss at 10:46am… for the summer!!! Class activities will be: cleaning, art, games, and some final reflections. You may want to bring in a book and/or some art supplies or cards/games.

Want to see photos of the travel writing conference in Colorado where I got the prizes? Click here!

Guiding Questions for Letter

After the multiple choice section of the final exam, we will be writing final reflection letters in class. Here are some guiding questions to address. Please don’t start on this until the official in-class writing time. You don’t need to use all the questions– just write fully and honestly.

About you as a student in Hum7 (Positives and Deltas):
– What specific habits/skills/things helped you to succeed in Humanities this year?
–  What specific habits/skills/things hurt you in succeeding in Humanities this year?
– What were you proudest of this year in Hum7, and most ashamed of, and why?

– How have you grown as a student and learner this year, and how do you know? 
– What are your goals and areas of focus for Hum8 next year? 
– What else do you want your teachers to know about you as a student this year? 

About the Hum7 class and teaching style (Positives and Deltas):
– Which things that we studied were the most and least interesting/useful, and why?
– Which things that we studied were the most and least fun, and why?
– What are the most important facts and skills you have learned this year in Hum7? 
– What about the teacher’s teaching style was most and least helpful, and why?
–  What else do you want to say to your teacher as we bring this year to a close?

Summer Opportunities

Dearest students,

Make sure you’re doing something enriching this summer! Here are some opportunities:

1. TONS of opportunities at BPS Summer Stuff 2012: www.bostonpublicschools.org/summer

2. The BLA Guidance site has some useful links to programs: https://sites.google.com/site/blaguidance/Home/jobs–volunteering-and-programs

3. Do www.BoomWriter.com through the summer and be elligible to attend a big party and live competition on July 26! Be in touch for details.

4. Boston Youth Zone has lots of events: www.cityofboston.gov/youthzone

Extra Credit: BoomWriter Has 2 Competitions for You!

Have some extra time before school ends and want some extra credit? The BoomWriter Writing Club just launched TWO new book competitions! If you already have a BoomWriter Writing Club subscription, head to www.BoomWriter.com to submit your entry today. I will give not one but THREE extra credit points for each chapter, which usually raises your overall grade significantly.

Are you sad because you’ve never used BoomWriter? Good news: We have a voucher code so you, too, can join the BoomWriter Writing Club FREE! Just go to www.BoomWriter.com and follow instructions to join the Writing Club (NOT “Schools” and BLA) and instead of paying $40, enter the voucher code: FSA2012. You will get extra credit for every Chapter you submit to BoomWriter (I can see who submits from my teacher side of the site). Please let me know if you have any problems with this.

You also get extra credit for helping kids from other schools or even other cities/countries (friends, siblings, cousins, etc.) sign up for the BoomWriter writing club, once they submit a chapter! Have them use the voucher code FSA2012. Send me an email to tell me their name so I can check once they send their chapter and give you credit.

Schedule For Last 2 Weeks of School: 6/11/12-6/21/12

June 11th to 15th will follow A MONDAY SCHEDULE

MONDAY,  JUNE 11: Regular Schedule (Exam Review)

7:20 – 7:25  Homeroom

7:28 – 9:06  EXAM 1 (Period 1 Monday Schedule)
9:09 –9:56 PERIOD 3 (Monday Schedule)
9:59- 10:46-Period 4 (Monday Schedule)
10:49-12:00* PERIOD 5 (Monday Schedule)
12:03 – 1:40 EXAM 2 (Period 2 on Monday)

7:20 – 7:25  Homeroom

7:28 – 9:06  EXAM 3 (Period 3 Monday Schedule)
9:09 –9:56 PERIOD 4 (Monday Schedule)
9:59- 10:46- Period 6 (Monday Schedule)
10:49-12:00 PERIOD 5(Monday Schedule)
12:03 – 1:40 EXAM 4 (Period 4 on Monday Schedule)

7:20 – 7:25  Homeroom
7:28 – 9:06  EXAM 5 (Period 5 Monday Schedule)
9:09 –9:56 PERIOD 1(Monday Schedule)
9:59- 10:46- PERIOD 2 (Monday Schedule)
10:49-12:00- PERIOD 5 (Monday Schedule)
12:03 – 1:40 EXAM 6 (Period 6 on Monday Schedule)

7:20 – 7:25  Homeroom
7:28 – 9:06  EXAM 7 (Period 7 Monday Schedule)
9:09-9:56 Period 3. Students resume their regular Monday schedule for the rest of the day.
9:59-10:46 Period 4
10:49-12:00 Period 5
12:03- 12:50 Period 6
12:53-1:40 Period 7


MONDAY , JUNE 18: NO SCHOOL –Bunker Hill Day

TUESDAY, JUNE 19: FULL DAY – Regular Tuesday Schedule
Cluster 7B will have a party in the courtyard with a performance by Odds Bodkin! 

Regular schedule periods 1-4. Early dismissal for students at 10:45am.


Make Sure Part A & B Are Handed in ONLINE!

Congratulations on completing an EPIC Symposium performance week!

Ms. Boudah and I are now hard at work grading your Part A and B online, so:

– Turn in Part A and Part B on TurnItIn.com IMMEDIATELY if you have not already. You will fail Term 5 AND the Final Exam if you do not. If you are having problems uploading, email us asap and we can help you.

–  We can excuse you from a paper copy of your Part A and B as long as we have an electronic copy of ALL PARTS of Part A and B. This means if you have not uploaded your creative part of Part A or your visual for Part B to Turn It In, you can email them to us directly (ex: take a photo of your visual and email it) if you want the grade in by this weekend. (Note: If you have already handed in all parts of your hard-copy or online copy, don’t worry about this– you’re all set.)